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Metallurgical Failure Analysis solves failures in machinery and structures. This consulting service applies current Metallurgical Engineering principals and excellent problem solving skills to provide an understandable, real-world solution to industry problems.

Metallurgical Failure Analysis uses the latest analytical instrumentation in combination with 35 years of practical Metallurgical Engineering experience to furnish the best possible resolutions in terms of safety, productivity and use of resources. Industry now has "health care for machinery" because of the services of Metallurgical Failure Analysis. Clients served are food processing and agriculture in California, energy and power generation, hydrocarbon processing and now extends to the "green" technologies such as wind turbines, geothermal and transportation.

The concept of "Health Care for Machinery" is used by Metallurgical Failure Analysis to prevent future problems in equipment. An engineering review of design, materials, and service environment can identify potential failures that are unsafe and costly. It has been the experience of Metallurgical Failure Analysis that most problems are caused because good engineering basics, that have been well known for 40 years or more, are still being violated. Metallurgical Failure Analysis has been successful by applying in-depth experience, use of metallurgical technologies and excellent problem solving skills to solve and prevent machinery failures. Contact us for help in solving failures and problems by Metallurgical Failure Analysis.

Metallurgical Failure Analysis has a successful history of solving failures in metallurgy, fatigue, corrosion, tribology and wear, and in failures of welds.

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